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Cheshire, CW5 6DR

Church Officers

Vicar: Rev Anne Lawson
Tel:01270 628864


Isobel Burnley 01270 624521
Ann Nicholas 01270 528273
Mr. M. Alexander 01270 624404
Mrs. Isobel Burnley 01270 624521
Organist: Mr. G. Heap 01270 620199
PCC Secretary: Mr. G. Flanagan 01270 669137
PCC Treasurer: Mr. G. Heap 01270 620199

Rev.Ann Lawson

Rev. Anne Lawson

2015 Vicars Annual Report

Vicar's Report to the Worleston APCM 2015

Quite apart from the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, and the need for a report which that places upon me, this is a good time to look back and consider my first year as Vicar of the four parishes.

For the Cross Country Parishes as a whole, it has been an eventful year, not least because my induction on 1 April last year formally marked the point at which the four parishes were drawn back together. That process has not been without challenge; it takes time to rebuild trust. Undoubtedly there is still work to be done. We would be a healthier group of parishes if we were able to find a way to have one magazine for all the parishes. Nonetheless, we have made a good start and for that I am grateful, not least because we are learning to pray and play together again as a group of churches. I am certain that the combined approach of praying and playing together will enable the bonds between the four churches to continue to be strengthened.

For St Oswald's it has been a busy year, especially when we consider that the core group of people available to resource activities is small. Events which stand out in my mind are the Village Fete; the Patronal Festival service which also marked the Centenary of the outbreak of the first World War in August and the Harvest Service and Supper which also drew in the school.

None of these events and the many other activities which make up our life together at St Oswald's would be possible without a great deal of dedication and hard work from a number of people. I am especially grateful to Mike and Isobel for their seemingly endless patience as they've graciously guided me through my first year as Vicar. Thanks are due too, to Joan for her often inconspicuous work in ordering the PCC, and to Geoff for his work as Treasurer. Too everyone who enables the work and worship of St Oswald's in any way, thank you.

As we look back on another year in the life of our church we can do so with thankful hearts, and it is right that we should do so. That does not mean that there are not challenges to be met and there is certainly no room for complacency.

In common with many churches across the country, we face an enormous challenge in attracting younger generations - not just children and young families. We are privileged to have strong links with the school and we need to ensure that we maintain these. Whilst I have opted not to be a Governor at either Worleston or Acton Schools, I remain involved leading Collective Worship on a rota with Isobel, Pat, and Malcolm Lorimer and David Maidment from the Methodist Church. I spend time with the children, particularly on the occasions I eat my lunch with them and also meet regularly with the Headteacher. In the fast changing world of education it is essential that these things continue to happen, and that we continue to welcome the school into church for celebrations of the church and school year. It is an enormous privilege to be able to be involved in the life of the school in this way and the input which we have in these ways builds a firm foundation of Christian faith and understanding in the children who pass through the school. The challenge is to find ways of bridging the gap between faith which is developed in school and the on-going life of the church. There are no easy answers to this challenge. We need to constantly seek guidance of the Holy Spirit and to find ways in which we can begin to bridge this gap.

This attitude of seeking the Holy Spirit and being willing to follow where his Spirit blows is key to all aspects of our life as a church. There are no golden bullets to grow churches. The culture and society in which we live has changed dramatically over the last 40 or 50 years. Church is no longer the only option on Sunday morning; we compete with a whole host of other recreational activities; the challenge we face in encouraging those who name themselves members of this church to come more frequently than taking a turn on the rota is proof of that. The most powerful tool available to us is prayer. Prayer that the Holy Spirit will work in our hearts and minds; prayer that the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts and minds of our families, friends and neighbours so that, together, we can grow the Kingdom of God in this place.

In summary, thank you for your welcome and your support during my first year. Please join with me in giving thanks and celebrating all that is good about our life together as God's people at St Oswald's. And join with me, too in acknowledging the challenges so that we can remain alert to the ways in which the Holy Spirit is moving. If we can do that, together we will discover ways of meeting the challenges and continuing to be the Church, the gathering of God's people here in Worleston into the future.

Reproduced with thanks to the Vicar from the PCC

Our Sunday Services
St. Oswald'sWorleston
5th AprilHoly Communion11.00am
12th AprilMorning Prayer09.30am
19th AprilAll Age11.00am
26th AprilUnited Acton11.00am
3rd MayAll Age11.00am
10th MayHoly Communion09.30am
17th MayMorning Prayer11.00am
24th MayHoly Communion11.00am
31st MayMorning Prayer11.00am
7th JuneAll Age11.00am
14th JuneHoly Communion09.30am
21st JuneMorning Prayer11.00am
28th JuneHoly Communion11.00am
5th JulyAll Age11.00am
12th JulyHoly Communion09.30am
19th JulyMorning Prayer11.00am
26th JulyHoly Communion11.00am
2nd AugustPatronal Festival11.00amWorleston

Worleston Church

Our church was rebuilt in 1997 after a major fire. Now as you can see it is a bright, light building providing up to date facilities for worship and social activities.
These two images were taken at the Queen's 60th Jubilee.

Inside Church

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Near to the church is Worleston CofE Primary School.
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